In the last few months, I’ve gotten especially close to this lady. Not a day goes by that we don’t send each other some kind of encouraging message, a picture, or some lyrics we fell in love with. Then when together, we’re near tears from laughing so hard because it’s just so easy to do when she’s around.
I appreciate her coming into my life because she reminds me of how beautiful my culture is. She doesn’t know this but Yilania’s such a force and so proud to be Latina; it’s kind of hard to not notice! She’s put a whole lot of things into perspective for me & I love her for that.

You Must Be a Fool to Believe I Believe in You

Renting out a place in New York City is probably one of the most difficult things to accomplish- more so if it’s a space you’re kind of obsessed with. Who knew?

It’s not like the last apartment I was in. I didn’t actually sign a lease. I just joined a friend who already lived there. & desperately needed to step away from the home situation. So no no.. this is much more grown up!

But I have been digging for the most personal of documents, going through the most uncomfortably invasive hoops to prove to these people that I am well worth the benefit of their doubt.

Also, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve begun to list. I haven’t stopped because it’s helped me a GREAT deal with making sure I’m keeping up with everything.
For example, Scheduling classes, making sure my financial aid is in check for the upcoming semester, my health insurance is active, doctor check-ups, paying my bills, ugh and soo much more. Which reminds me- I’m grown. When did that happen?

I’m a little afraid of this Enormous responsibility; but the excited- afraid.