The power of positivity

I have never been SO lucky to have the pleasure of working with the selected few professors I’ve chosen to work with this fall. Unfortunately, I was not too eager about starting the semester for reasons I still can’t put my finger on yet.

However, as soon as the first round of classes commenced- all of that rubbish seemed to have melted away. Good Riddance!

I am taking a literature course that is kicking my A**! due to an exciting amount of reading that needs to be done each week. A book and a little more, I like to say. Because we have to go through 18 of them. & we have 15 weeks to do so. So you do the math, because I already have.

You can imagine the amount of money that I’ve invested already- just on this one class. But I do it wholeheartedly for the kind of discussions that follow.

Oseye, is one of the most worldly, warm-blooded, intelligent, wise women I know. I do not say that lightly!

Originally from Africa, she doesn’t like to say exactly where in Africa but proudly mentions her house in Nigeria :). She’s worked with Maya Angelou & several other significant authors.

If there was ever a person I needed to meet & take part in my scholarly journey, Oseye is definitely the one. I could kiss the universe for sending her my way.

In fact, I already have!


I don’t have the fanciest of apartments, & I do not live in the best neighborhood. But I do have one of the cozy-est of spaces. Though nowhere near finished- it is slowly & surely becoming home.

My home consists of books.. Like Everywhere. A hardwood desk- with drawers. A couch with the softest throw & pillows. A Hollywood mirror, a bed that has not yet been raised by the likes of a bed frame ( that means, my bed resides on my bedroom floor). A map of the world. And a vase that came from Tiffany’s, which now houses the most beautiful bouquet of purple Daisies. That, essentially is my NewYork apartment. Which is growing everyday a scent- my scent- and my style. I thought I’d never see the day.

It right away warms my face with anticipation and giddiness.
I love you, home.