I have my nephew for the entire weekend. Friday was spent at the Whitney on the upper east side followed by some delicious grilled cheese sandwiches & some apple juice to wash it all down. 

I had an amazing day with him, but i feel guilty about my taking so long to find the time. I wish I had more time to spend but now that I’m living farther away means less time in the bronx with my sister and mother and fantastically funny four year old nephew. 

but i shouldn’t focus on the time i don’t spend with him, i should focus on the time that i do. I know he’s going to remember it because he seems to still remember everything from the time he was two.. what a bright kid!

I wrote before about his famous sayings.. he has so many more now. I love them all. i try to write as many of them down because i know, soon enough, he will get older and feel too cool to be my bright and funny little boy again. 

below are some pictures of the exhibition .. hope you enjoy.

 ^^^ not to worry i kept him away from the more “R rated” canvases ^^^

He loved this runway.. especially the Pink Panther

lady guarding the statue didn’t look too happy to be working on a friday. 

oh he lovedd this train- “can we take it home nana? ..pleasee” ^^

these were some of my favorite pieces.. 

I can’t wait to visit the new building opening downtown.

Today we were mostly in and out of sleep because we walked so much yesterday. we had breakfast in bed because Nana doesn’t have a dining table. We saw a comedy together that only i understood. & tomorrow he goes back home to his momma and he’ll tell her how much fun he had with nana. The only time we’ve been having trouble is when its time for bed and he sees that mommy is not there to tuck him in. I told him he shouldn’t worry..” Nana will always always protect Christopher, he should never feel scared to sleep here.” that seemed to have helped him. 

The power of positivity

I have never been SO lucky to have the pleasure of working with the selected few professors I’ve chosen to work with this fall. Unfortunately, I was not too eager about starting the semester for reasons I still can’t put my finger on.

However, as soon as the first round of classes commenced- all of that rubbish seemed to have melted away. Good Riddance!

I am taking a literature course that is kicking my A**! due to an exciting amount of reading that needs to be done each week. A book and a little more, I like to say. Because we have to go through 18 of them. & we have 15 weeks to do so. So you do the math, because I already have.

You can imagine the amount of money that I’ve invested already- just on this one class. But I do it wholeheartedly for the kind of discussions that follow.

Oseye, is one of the most worldly, warm-blooded, intelligent, wise woman I know. I do not say that lightly!

Originally from Africa, she doesn’t like to say exactly where in Africa but proudly mentions her house in Nigeria :). She’s worked with Maya Angelou & several other significant authors.

If there was ever a person I needed to meet & take part in my scholarly journey, Oseye is definitely the one. I could kiss the universe for sending her my way.

In fact, I already have!